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Tooling Products

Cyclics offers a new line of engineered thermoplastic tooling products made from our flagship product, CBT® resin.  Cyclics carries a range of cast products to meet your needs, and we can customize our polymeric material to cover numerous applications and highlight advantages such as high service temperature (>150°C), abrasion resistance, machinability, and surface quality. Due to high filler content, Cyclics tooling products can withstand higher service temperatures, and the HDT reaches close to the melt temperature of the polymer.

In addition, CBT tooling products have a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) than other polymer tooling blocks, providing a significant improvement in edge stability during tooling.

Cyclics® Formlite™: Low thermal conductivity syntactic foam material for the plug assist thermoforming market.

Cyclics® C11: High abrasion-resistant modified PBT for core box applications.

Cyclics® C65: Material with high HDT for tooling.

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